Competition Info

Little Aths operates from about 1st October in one year to the 30th September of the next year. The competition is spilt into two seasons: Track and Field Summer, Cross Country Winter.
The Track and Field Season is held at Glamis Avenue with Sandringham Little Athletics.
The Cross Country Season is carried out by Bayside XCountry (located on Team App Click here)
We offer quite a range of Competitions – some in house and others held by LAVic.

Club Competitions

Regular Saturday Competition

This is our main platform. During the Track and Field Season we meet at Glamis Avenue for a rotating Program of Events. There are two session times as per below and we list on our website each rotation of events specific to the week it is:

  • U6-U9 8.15am warm up with session starting at 8.30am
  • U10-U16 9.45am warm up with session starring at 10am.

On the odd occasion we hold our Saturday morning session on a Friday night, eg Melbourne Cup Long weekend. We call this our Twilight Program which is a bit more social and offers fun activities.

There are several Saturday mornings also we as a club compete in LAVic events which will be held in a suitable venue in metro Melbourne or individuals can compete.

The athletic skills we incorporate into our program are 100m, 200, 400, 800, 1500m, discus, shot put, javelin, triple jump, long jump, high jump, hurdles.

The Committee establish point days during the regular centre competition. These dates are listed on our website as a * in our season calendar. Points accumulate throughout the season and each event scores points according to the overall placing in that Age Group. Any athletes who have the same points at the end of season will be deemed equal in placing. In this case the next recipient will move down a place (eg if 2 equal 2nd then the next person would be in 4th place). Each child will earn points towards the Centre Championship Award across the whole season. Points accrue over each week of Regular Centre Competition event days that don’t conflict with Regional or State event days during the season.

Centre Championships

The Sandringham LAC Centre Championships is a major Club event. The event is run in a similar fashion to Region and State Championships. For those who haven’t experienced Regional or school competition this is their athletes first competition experience.

Under 6 athletes will be able to choose 3 events to compete in. Under 7 – Under 16 athletes will be able to choose 5 events to compete in.
Children participating in the Centre Championships must nominate their events and each child will receive either a medal (1st,2nd or 3rd) or a ribbon for every event.


LAVic Competitions


Relays is one of the Club’s favourite events and is open to athletes Under 9- Under 16 years of age including Multi Class athletes. This is where the kids are placed into teams and exchange a relay baton amongst while running around the track.

All skills are taught and we hold specific training nights for the teams. There is a practice event called Mentone Relays, then we officially compete in our Southern Metropolitan Region.

Successful teams at this event, then compete at the State Relay Carnival. Relay’s establishes friendships at all levels, teaches many life skills and is a lot of fun every step of the way.

Combine Event

This takes place over a nominated weekend usually early February each year at Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park. The event is open to athletes in the Under 9-Under 16 age group including Multi Class athletes.

Each athlete will participate in a standard set of between 5 and 7 separate disciplines (eg hurdles, shot put, 100m, 800m, long jump) which is determined by their age group. Usually events consisting of five disciplines will be held on one day and those consisting of more than 5 will take place across the 2 days.

Across the Championships, athletes collect points for their performance in each event with the final accumulation of points then determining the final standings.

Track and Field Championship

The Regional Track and Field Carnival starts with the Southern Metropolitan Region Event over the weekend in mid February each year. The Venue is one within the Southern Metropolitan area and in the past has been at Caulfield Little Athletics Cub – Duncan McKinnon.

The Track and Field carnivals are open to athletes in the Under 9 to Under 16 age groups including Multi-Class athletes.

Who can compete?
To be eligible to enter the Region Track & Field Carnivals, athletes must be registered and be a financial Little Athletics Victoria Competitive Member.

They also must have competed in a minimum of 4 weeks of Little Athletics Victoria approved weekly Centre competition from the beginning of the 2020-21 season to the close of entries.