Centre Uniforms

Sandringham Little Athletics requires registered athletes to wear the approved Centre uniform.  Every athlete must wear the correct uniform for all competition events consisting of the Sandringham Little Athletics Centre T-Shirt, singlet or crop top with the Sandringham LAC and sponsors logo.

Shorts or legging maybe worn and these should be plain black.  The registration chest patch must be worn at all times to show your athlete is registered and to allow Sandringham LAC to identify the athlete for recording times and distances. ​Club uniforms can be purchased directly from the club on Saturday mornings at the Members Hub marquee.
Any athlete entering regional or State Little Athletics Victoria events they must be dressed in the correct uniform. The Black short must be as shown. Compression shorts or bike shorts are not permitted when worn alone. They can be worn underneath regular running shorts. All shorts must be at least 10cm above the knee and have absolutely NO VISIBLE LOGOS – including branding such as the Nike swoosh etc. Tight boy leg shorts are permitted as shown as long as they do not have any logos or gussets ( a gusset is a V shaped panel around the groin area ) or padding like a cyclist would wear.