Weekly Results

How to Setup ResultsHQ

Weekly results are available on  Timings and measurements are uploaded immediatly after the finish of events and available on the day of competition.  All your athletes performances for this and previous seasons are recorded on ResultsHQ.

Remember that with your membereship pack there is an Achievement book. Print off your ResultsHQ Tickets and stick them into the book and keep a record that shows your improvement throughout the season. There is also a list of times that can be recorded in the back of the Achievement book. Alternatively, you can keep a record of your results by inputting them yourself online at

Sandringham Little Athletics Members receive an email from [email protected] with the subject “Welcome to ResultsHQ for Little Athletics results”.  This email contains your login username and password.

If you cannot locate the email, the username will be the email address registered with the Little Athletics Membership and you can change the password using the password reset guide below.


In your browser navigate to 
Login using your details.

In your browser open to 
Click on the Link – “Forgotten your password?”
Enter your email address.

You will receive an email from ResultsHQ containing your password