How we run


How We Run

Temporary relocation to Duncan McKinnon reserve

While we wait for the completion of our track redevelopment at Sandringham, targeted for late January 2022, we will be relocating to Duncan McKinnon Reserve, North Rd, Murrumbeena.

While we wait for our home track to be upgraded, we are running our meets on Friday evenings at Duncan McKinnon reserve. The start times for all age groups are:

  • 5:00pm – registration patch and/or merchandise pickup
  • 5:30pm – warm-up for all ages
  • 5:45pm – first event for all ages

We appreciate the efforts of Caulfield Little Athletics Centre in their support of our temporary relocation.

The preliminary season calendar can be found by going to our Season Calendar page.

Our Program

Sandy Little Aths caters for children aged 5 to 15 of all abilities. We offer Under 6 athletes a dedicated coaching program on the in-field throughout the season which focuses on an introduction to Little Athletics and developing the children’s motor skills while having fun.

For U7-U9 athletes, we run a skill development program for the first four weeks. This program introduces athletes to the fundamentals of the athletic disciplines. After the initial four weeks, we have dedicated coaches for each event that provide coaching and instruction to help the athlete develop their skills.

For our U10+ athletes, we have coaches for each event that provide guidance and input to help the athlete continue to develop their skills.

We have 3 programs of events that are rotated on a weekly basis. Our Calendar highlights what Program Number we are running on a particular day and what events it includes.

Once we return to Sandringham, we will return to the Saturday morning schedule with the following start times:

  • Under 6 – Under 9: 8:15am warm-up for 8:30am start
  • Under 10 – Under 16: 9:45am warm-up for 10:00am start

First Aid

Our first aid responder is in attendance from 8am -12pm who brings with them a basic first aid kit including an epi pen. First Aid is located at the entrance to the Club rooms. The Centre also has a defibrillator and several committee members are qualified to use this.


All athletes are required to wear a Sandringham Little Aths uniform. A: Uniforms will be available for purchase starting on the first Saturday of competition.

New athletes are welcome to wear comfortable running clothing of their choosing until their uniform is purchased.
For more information on the Sandringham Little Aths uniform, please click here.