Little Aths Policies


Little Aths Policies

Little Athletics Policies

The following policies govern the running of Little Athletics events. The governing authorities are Little Athletics Australia (LAA) and Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic).


Please refer to the LAA and LAVic websites (via the buttons below) for a complete list of Little Athletics policies. Scroll down for commonly referenced policies.

LAVic Code of Conduct

Please refer to the LAVic Code of Conduct that covers everyone involved in a sanctioned LAVic event, including Little Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Administrators, Parents and Spectators.

Child Safety

Our Committee, Coaches, AGM’s all have valid working with children checks.

Sandringham Little Athletics is committed to ensuring the protection and wellbeing of all children and young people who are members of Little Athletics. The Child Protection Policy has been endorsed by the Association as part of our commitment to proactively ensure the rights of children and young people to safety and to act without hesitation in the maintenance of a safe environment for children.

Extreme Weather Policy

In extreme hot weather conditions a ‘Total Fire Ban’ restriction should act as the mechanism for review of the event. Additionally SLAC will use the guides provided by Sports Medicine Australia on Hot Weather (WBGT > 30deg)

For Lightning, the 30/30 rule applies.

  • By the time the flash-to-bang count approaches 30 seconds – all individuals should already be inside a safe shelter
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after the last sound (thunder) or observation of lightning and ensure conditions are completely safe before leaving shelter to resume activities. Each time lightning is observed or thunder is heard the 30 minutes clock should be re-started

The WET WEATHER FUNCTION on our website to alert parents of cancelled events.

For more information on the LAVic policy on extreme weather, please click on the link below

Other Policies

Please see below for more commonly resourced policies.  If the policy you are looking for is not on this page, please refer to the LAVic policy link at the top of this page.